It's time to generate some excitement and anticipation for arrival of your March box! 


We suggest following these steps to introduce the idea of the themed box adventure. The two of you should find some time to come together and brainstorm. Write down both of your ideas on what you think the theme is and why?  


Have the child go first and expand on their answers with open-ended questions. Using open-ended questions is a wonderful way to stretch children’s curiosity, reasoning ability, creativity and independence. Open-ended questions also give you an opportunity to see what a child is thinking and feeling. A question like "What color is the box?”, will generally evoke a one word answer. Following that with an open-ended question like, “Well, if you could change the color of the box, what color would you choose and why?”, encourages children to use their language and imagination to describe the box or what they are thinking. Even with so little in the clue picture you can see how big it can get just through open-ended questions and working together. There is no right or wrong answer to an open-ended question so all children can always be successful in answering them.


Here are some "examples" of open-ended questions you can use for the March Clue:


How could we work together to solve this?

Can you describe what you see?

What are those giraffes doing?
What are they standing on? When would I use something like that?  

Can you move your body that way? 

How do you think the Giraffes are feeling by looking at them in the picture? Happy, tired, relaxed?  

If you were feeling that way how would your body look? Excited- jumping; sad - laying on floor etc. 

 What other things could you add to this picture? 

( print the clue out and draw additional objects ) 

As an adult you can also answer the questions after the child has answered. Once the box arrives, you can compare the ideas you both wrote down and see if either of you were close to guessing correct.


Finding time to encourage anticipation of the box arrival is an important step in the process. This encourages spending quality time together and stimulating imagination, rather than simply asking, "what do you think is in the box?"

Be sure to try to find a time slot that allows you to be fully engaged and have fun with it. You will quickly see the potential of how much you both will get out of these themed boxes if you let yourself be involved too. The children are having fun and are more likely to embrace the concept, if they see you enjoying your participation in the adventure.


Thank you and happy guessing!