I have always had a passion for working with children. From early adulthood, my favourite memories and experiences were those that involved children - expanding their minds and watching their joy at growing a knowledge base. As I continue to work with children, I realize the joy I get from being with them is because basically, I’m just a great big kid at heart. There really is no age limit on wondrous discovery! 

I graduated from Okanagan College with an Early Childhood Diploma specializing in special needs, and spent two years as a pre-school teacher at the prestigious Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School in Kelowna, British Columbia. While at Aberdeen Hall, I obtained my Montessori Diploma from the North American Montessori Centre. In addition to my teaching at Aberdeen Hall, I also ran themed summer, spring and winter camps for pre-school and school aged children. I have worked with children with special needs at the Child Development Association and have over five years extensive early childhood education experience. 

I was awarded the Kiwanis Early Childhood Education supported Childcare Award, selected by the Early Childhood Education Department at Okanagan College.

Throughout my travels in Africa, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America - I have found that the character and backbone of community is built through development of the children. It is through the eyes and minds of young children that we are able to open our own hearts, and discover the wonders of opportunity and untapped potential that lie just beneath the surface of unbiased and hungry young minds. 

In a very meaningful and memorable visit to Freetown, Sierra Leone I had the opportunity to assist in an orphanage called D.O.V.E. I also was privileged to work at a school AISF, a US international School where I taught preschool and grade 5 classes for a number of days. During that same trip, I was honoured to spend a day with Enable the Children, an organization whose primary focus is to provide physio and occupational therapy and services, to over 400 children living with a disability who are unable to source assistance. No matter where my travels took me, my heart was always with the children.

As my husband Jeff and I recently became parents to our handsome son Mason, we realize how challenging it can be to keep activities fresh and spontaneous. As I develop and create new ways to strengthen our relationship and continue to pique his interest levels – it occurs to me that there are likely many folks trying to do the same. This is why I’ve decided to share some of my ideas, plans and programs to enable you to join me in building quality play-time with the children in your life!

This remains forefront in my quest to develop scenarios and opportunity for adults to spend quality time with children. The ability to nurture the relationship, discover together the joy of learning and sharing. These are what lay the foundation for our children to develop the tools to learn, explore, question, discover and communicate throughout their lives. The activities don’t have to be complicated; they just need to be done together.