Summer is a great season to get outside and find fun family activities to fill our days! The li'l box co. will be taking a few months off this summer and we hope to get things going again in the fall! Enjoy your summer and please check back with us in a few months!

The best way to slow the clock on children growing up too fast is to spend quality time together!

It can be tough to find original and creative activities to keep the minds of children occupied and active. The li’l box co., can help with that! No more searching on the internet; no more getting down on yourself thinking you don’t have the time or creativity to put it all together; no more sleepless nights wondering what activities to fill the next day with!

How can you bring family and friends together?

How can you insure the activity you engage in, is fulfilling and unique? 

How can you keep it different without driving and packing up to get somewhere new? 

How do you fit into the child’s activities to enrich and grow your relationship?

How do you find the time to pull together ideas, supplies, and location?

The li’l box co., is here to help with it ALL! Everything you need to answer all those questions. We deliver a unique, bonding experience and fun-filled themed activity day to enjoy with the child in your life - AND you can do it all without even leaving your home! Each month, a li’l box will arrive. Each month there will be a different themed day-long activity with the box.

So, who is The li’l box co. for? It’s geared to children aged 3 – 6 however, can easily be adapted for younger and older kids to enjoy as well.

Who will appreciate the uniqueness of the convenience and originality of The li’l box co.?   

-Parents: pinterest quality activity without all the shopping, planning, running around.

- Grandparents: enjoy the treat of enjoying an original,

unique experience while your grandkids marvel in the quality time they’re able to spend with you. 

- Aunts and Uncles: perhaps your visits are frequent, perhaps they’re rare – either way, make them special and memorable with these original ideas and activities.

- Caregivers: sometimes coming up with new ideas to engage children can be tough – appreciate that once a month,The li’l box co., will take care of that for you!

- Gift ideas: as multi-month subscriptions or one-time gifts – The li’l box co. is a wonderful way to support the very special children in your life with a brand new experience they can look forward to!


Check us out further to find out more and start actively participating in your child’s development today!